Kate Alexandra Priestley


Author name: Kate Priestley

The Climb

Roads turned to claySinking deeper and deeper in the mudMy feet mergingWith the disintegrating surfaceOf my mindNo other way to goBut to go higherBeginning the ascentThe resistance in me groaningShaking the gravity of the mudOff my bootsMy body embarkingThis trailInitiating me on a trialThe path may disappearAnd reappearBut I know the way. The winter sun […]

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Fields Of Unknown Infinity

Life is a mysteryThat terrifies most peopleSo vastAnd full of possibilityIt’s like a blank canvasWhere no paint can stickYet there is a baseBut we’ve been toldThere is only the material baseAnd that we don’tExist beyond thatWhat is stability?Or security?Whose foundations are these ideas built on?Why do we control so much?To have life so predictableAnd meticulously

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Does Your Frequency Choose?

Yes your frequency does choose. While we can make conscious decisions from the mind ultimately it is our frequency that chooses the outcome. Some people are just never going to be on the path to liberation of our true human potential. Some are just simply not born here to do that. They will remain ‘stuck.’

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Times Are Changing

This is the real deal. There is no time for nonsense. No time for fancies or plays of the mind feeding into false set ups in our beings. The world is changing. Humanity is changing. The controllers are afraid. That’s why they are getting more controlling. Feeding stories to get those who don’t have their

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Nature Is Always The Right Answer

Nature is always the right answer. Everything else redundant. Cover ups by technology and control to ‘save the planet’ is not the answer. That is putting a plaster over the problem. No more green washing. We cannot continue the way we have been living. We must answer to the Earth and ourselves where nature speaks.

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Flowers At The Bottom

Sometimes we have to get to the bottom to realise that enough is enough of a certain pattern or situation. It’s true that ideally we don’t have to get that far and of course there are ways we can make great changes without having to reach the bottom in the first place. But for some

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Pure Light

There is a light that is pureSo brightYet a light so ruthlessIt shines maybe where you don’t want it to shineIt brings out the darknessFor suddenly the darkness is seenThis is no airy fairy ‘love and light’ matterFor most are often afraid to even go thereEven by those who think they’ve already been thereStill there

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A Love So Big

Inside I feel a love that is so bigI can feel a deep pain along with thatYet there is a huge beautyBoth bring tears to my eyesI see the shadowsThe insanity of humanityIt can be right there in my faceThat I cannot ignore itEven the ‘good’ peopleCan succumb to this insanityTo their own darknessesThis can

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Pointing You Back Inside

Often the best people help point you back insideBack to yourselfWhere your innate wisdom liesYour own inner instructionsWhere the answers areOnly looking outside for another to tell you what to doNeglecting what your own source might be telling youWill likely lead you astrayOr you are prone to following another’s pathThat is not your ownThis can

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Resting…Back into the infinityRecharging myselfIn the silenceMy cup filling back upSo I can pour betterComing from my sourceMy creativity coming more back onlineThe ideas seeping back inThe infinity making itself knownComing from that mysterious placeWhere there’s a deep humThe spark of creativityIt’s where it all beginsThat seeds potentialGrowing and becoming new realitiesNew possibilitiesUse it wiselyMy

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‘Seeing’ Better

What does it mean to ‘see’ better?It is seeing beyond the 3D worldGetting more into the realm of energy dynamics, emotions and frequenciesTo see the rootsWhere what you are feeling or acting out from is not youBut an infiltrationThere is another world we can’t seeA dimension of the invisibleThe ancients know of this dimensionMany of

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Divine Tribal Origins

There is an another reality that can be experiencedOne that has been experienced beforeAnd can come back again but with the new energies that are now presentThat will come as we upgradeDeep inside the Earth it humsIt’s reverberating tunes of deep knowledgeCalling you backThe frequencies are here presentWaiting for you to drink them inTo heal

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