Kate Alexandra Priestley




“What I am fascinated by when looking at your art is the combination of simplicity, beauty and harmony even though there is so much complexity to the life/the nature that you bring into form in your art. You are an amazing artist. Lots of love.”


“I absolutely love the painting so incredibly much!!!!! Every time I look at it I get full of power inside me. Kate was so nice in the communication with me and I am so looking forward to buy more art from her!!! Such an amazing amazing energy!!!!!”


“This piece is breathtaking. I absolutely cherish and adore it so much. One of my most favorite pieces. I have been spending evenings with it illuminated by candlelight which is magical. Absolutely brings an energy of peace and calm the room. Thank you so much!”


“I love Kate´s artwork. Her colours, themes and drawings spark feelings of joy, liveliness, innocence, and also a sacred connection with Mother Earh and Light Beings.  Her “The Earth Angel from the Stars” and “Mary Magdalene” paintings have helped me a lot to create a beautiful atmosphere in my living space.”


“Sending followed very fast and very neat. The painting is bright, captivating, it hangs the look and carries … The very original creations of Kate give up a lot of sensitivity and energy, so necessary and comforting. Thank you Kate for sharing your art.”


“When art speaks to us. I was drawn to buy this original painting on a recent visit to Glastonbury. I was delighted to find that the parcel with it inside had arrived yesterday when I got back home. Love it. Thanks to the talented Kate it has taken pride of place where I can see it always.”


“Kate this is sublime! I truly truly love it. It’s uplifting and heart warming and wise and speaks deeply. The colours, the shapes, the movement. I just love it. Thank you for sharing your work.”


“I am so happy with my beautiful art print it is truly beautiful I will treasure it for years. 5 stars. Thankyou so much.”


“I sense both a real sensitivity and a strength through your paintings.”


Website / Graphic Design

“It was a pleasure to work with Kate on the design for our logo. I had a starting idea and then some other thoughts, which I was unsure about, but when I shared them, she found a way to incorporate them both and produced a lovely design. We had quite a tight timescale, but Kate was able to come up with something we were happy with very quickly and the team loved it!”

Julie Ulbricht

The Wellbeing Hub

“I initially started working with Kate because I needed technical help for my website and I also had a lot of text which I didn’t know how to work with. I wanted a website that was clear, simple, visual, easy to read and easy to navigate. I wanted people to feel uplifted when they landed on the site, but I had no idea what it would look like. Kate did a really fantastic job of transforming the text into an amazing website that represents my personality, is visually appealing, clearly communicates what I do, and has an easy booking system that meets all my requirements. She spent a lot of time finding the most suitable booking system for all of my different offerings. It was really easy to work and communicate with Kate. We each had our own ideas and we allowed them to flow which was helpful as it enabled the design to unfold over time. Kate has been a real blessing and it’s a relief to know that I have support when I need it moving forward.”

Naureen Khan

Personal Power Coach & Teacher

“I recently have redone my whole website for my business. I did it with Kate Priestley and was/am highly impressed with her services. The new website and systems she has put in place has been working really well. She was also super keen to fix the teething issues straight away. And on top of it all she has an artistic flair and great eye for design. So she can help with the practical and with the visual and artistic side. Overall it has been a delight working with Kate. I highly recommend her!”

Yara Grant

Trauma Integration Specialist

“I thoroughly enjoy working with Kate in graphic and website design projects. I love her creations. They are lively, fun, contemporary and stylish. Kate is also great at optimising resources and budget. And she communicates very well in a very professional and friendly manner. I highly recommended her work.”

Maria Blanco

Language Learning Strategies Coach

“I have worked with Kate for more than 1 year and hope we will continue to work together for many more. Her dedication to our website project (www.sunbeings.org) is heart-warming, and her combination of website design, art and authenticity is an incredible and hard to find foundation for success. These times of transition are both exciting and challenging, and Kate has the openness to constantly adjust to new situations, choosing growth rather than fear. I highly recommend working her.”

Carina Ramm

Vision Behind Sun Beings

“I am so grateful to Kate for creating my website she is very professional and takes time to listen and also gave ideas on how to improve my website. I love what she has created as has all the factors: color, imagery, simplicity, and functionality. I wanted a message to be given out with what I do and at the same time be simple as well. Kate has created an amazing website. I have had so many compliments about it. Thank you Kate for being patient and putting all your hard work into my website, you are amazing.”

Jabeen Khan

Spiritual Life Coach
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