Kate Alexandra Priestley


Nature, Stillness, Time

A silent power resides
Deep in the being
Of nature’s perfect eternity

Its eyes watchful
Tracking movements
Beneath the passing rocks

The ears wait
For unrealised echoes
Deep in the caves

The mountainous body
Exposing its muscles
To the force of the raw elements

Seeping its sweat
Through the gathered snow
Received from the heavens

Painting artistic strokes
As the river’s blood
Dances back to its mother

The lungs breathing in
Filling up with the universe
In the basin of the open valleys

Letting lose its mane
Down the lavishing waterfalls
Darting over its naked contours

Sweet tones of birdsong
Out of their mouths
Trills all it has seen

Fingers of blades of grass
Caressing your feet
As you stir from your sleepwalk

Wild flowers dot the hills
Kisses of constellations
While the flowers above sleep

In the deep pools of mountain lakes
Lies the unwavering heart
Sending out ripples

Ancient tales of birth
Stored where only silence
Can bring forth

Creatures of magic transfigure
Out of the dark
Into light they pull you

The stars passing above
On their vaster pilgrimage
Of time and stories

Invitations beckon in dreams
Opening new doors
Into seeded realms

Can you be present?
Or does the crafted clockwork of time
Expel you out?

The stumbling, twisting mind
Of the other world
It cannot coexist with nature’s time

Touch the ground
Feel the pulse
Of the distant peak

Waking up that communion
The fractals of the mountains
Hold you there in their stillness

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