Kate Alexandra Priestley


Remembering The Wild Woman

When you wake up the wild woman
She can feel scary
You realise how she has a ruthless side
Because her intuition is so strong
She knows herself so well
She has a fierce power
She is strong with her boundaries
If something doesn’t feel right
She will come out with an earth shaking NO
Her body, mind and spirit is her property
The property of the divine
Her divinity she must obey
She has every right to who she is
She is a slave to no one
She only follows the instructions written through every cell inside of her
Instructions that were there from birth
Instructions that we have been taught to be blind to
Even to be ashamed of if we happen to come across them
These instructions are everywhere
The wild woman realises nature is sacred
That her body is nature
Neither are separate
So nature is not to be messed with
To be dumbed down and conquered
For if you try defeat nature
Instead of listening to its whispers
You will never win
The Earth is the wild woman’s temple
What an honour it is to be alive here!
And what an honour it is be in this vessel
She feels her sensuality flowing through her body
Every limb, every muscle, every bone
Coming alive as her female essence does an ecstatic dance
Expressing her unique signature through movement
The beat of the Earth working through her
Her senses woken up
As she remembers who she is
She can feel herself in every cell in her body
Her spirit raw and real
Free of censorship
Without any projections or expectations
Claiming herself back
Where she may have given her power away
Her heart aches as she realises how she had forgotten
But she is here now in this moment
In her full wild divinity

Painting created by Kate Alexandra Priestley
Available in store: The Wild Feminine

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