Kate Alexandra Priestley


Truth And Falsity

While we may focus what is out there externally
At what is true or what is false
We see what we don’t like
And focus on that
Fighting against it
We neglect where truth comes from
Even forgetting what it actually is
Truth is not found out there
Truth comes from within
When we start embodying what truth is
Then we may start to see it externally
As you can’t fight falsity with more falsity
When we realise our truth
Action then starts to come from a more pure place
Because when we think of truth we may think it as something that is pure
Something that can never be tarnished or changed
It has a substance
Something that seems to have no materiality
Yet it seeps into your physicality
Your reality
Waiting to be felt
Truth may feel heavy until you embody it
As truth is showing you
Because what is false has a weight to it
It is not you but something else
Once falsity is transmuted
Truth feels light
Truth just is
Truth sits in the core of existence
Yet it is never static
It is always moving you into action
Whether that’s by being still
Or being active
It’s always there
Truth starts with you
Truth is love in action

Image created by Kate Alexandra Priestley

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