Kate Alexandra Priestley


The Rock Amidst the Waterfall

Step onto a rock
In the middle of a wild gushing waterfall
The water in an illusory way
Making you feel you are being pulled
With the watery cascade of emotions
You may feel a light headedness
Of not being totally in your body
Your entire being exposed to life itself
Yet you are on that rock
Unmoving and anchored
Watch how the emotions
Dart and dance about you
Take a step onto that next rock
The turmoil is still coming
Yet you have made that step forward
You are near the other side
Someone may reach out and pull you
Or you may have to
Make those brave steps on your own
Depending what nature wants
Feeling your fears
Feeling that raw vulnerability
Yet that next rock is not going anywhere
With some gauging
Calculating how you best go
About your next step
Not fearing the current
You take that leap
Then the final hop
To the other side
You feel the solidity and softness
Of that grassy dry ground
The flowers greet you
The storm of your emotions
Firmly behind you
Going on their own journey
Down into the river
Being led to where they meet
The bright open expansiveness
Of the oceans

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