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At Last – Meeting In The Spanish Pyrenees – A Post By Carina Ramm

Filming & photography: Pigi Irene Ilia & Kate Priestley
Video editing: Pigi Irene Ilia
Music by Owen Hanner ~ full song: see music video ~ website: www.owenhanner.com (recently redesigned by Kate)

After almost two years of collaborating remotely on the sunbeings.org website Kate and I finally met in person in the mountain village she calls home since leaving the UK earlier this year. The village is 9km away from the next small town and since she and her partner don’t have transport life is centered around locally available produce, people and walks, as well as online work.

Life in a mountain village – why is it difficult?

Kate and her partner have both struggled with a lot of adversity physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually related to the frequencies and memories written into the lands and waters of the region they live in. The history of battles, destruction and civil war continuously challenges the sensitivity of both artists who nonetheless feel that they are located exactly where they need to be in these times. My visit deepened my understanding of that rather personal situation while perhaps contributing to the transformation of some of the related patterns. It was an intense experience for all of us, yet deep, valuable and unforgettable.

A personal note from Kate

Meeting Carina for my first time after working together for a while and forming a friendship has felt like it has deepened our bond as we get to know each other on more personal levels. It can feel different to only communicating with someone via a small window on the screen compared to actually meeting them in person and getting a whole new feel of their energy and presence. Me and my partner deeply appreciated having her around as well as having her friend, Pigi, with us. We admired Pigi’s already huge understanding and awareness given she is only 21 years old as feel she has so much to take her far in life that is also aligned with the positive future of the planet. Pigi is a real joyful bundle of energy! Carina to us felt like an inspiring example of presence and strength that is complimentary with our certain heightened sensitivities. I also enjoyed having my first hitchhiking experience with Carina and Pigi when we needed to go to a city then having a long walk under the clear starry sky amongst the mountains on way back until we were able to hitch another lift again. So from me and my partner a big thank you to Carina and Pigi for coming to visit us in person! We enjoyed our adventures and sharing space together 🙂

Who is Pigi?

Pigi is a dear friend of mine (Carina) and my current travel companion. She is from a small village in Greece, 21 years old, and plowing her way through European societies – living her truths lovingly and determinedly rather than following external expectations.

We met last year, first in a small natural building community and then again in Thessaloniki where she had studied theater for a while before recognising how the industry doesn’t fit with her passionate desire to express herself authentically. Disillusioned, she was in a transition period and decided to turn her back on both, university and theater. She is now part of an Irish herbology program, deepening her knowledge about the healing effects of plants.

Pigi loves foraging, making and editing videos, and meaningful connections with the people she crosses paths with. She also sings and writes songs. I re-joined her this October in southern France where she had spent the summer, and we now travel Spain together – hitchhiking, visiting friends and engaging in language- and nature-centred Workaway exchanges.

Silent immersion – what is it?

Silent immersions are monthlong events offered by Jacqueline Hobbs www.oraclegirl.org every April and October. The best way to learn about Jacqueline’s very unique work is by studying her website and signing up for her reboot purifications to get a personal taste of the accelerated transformation prompted by her frequency signals yet realised through you.

A poem for you

This poem was written in the small Pyrenean mountain village where Pigi and I visited Kate and her partner. While we were there the two were dealing with mold issues in their house and some of our conversations revolved around the rapid increase and proliferation of different types of fungus across this planet in recent years. Hence the reference to mold in the poem 🙂

Resurgence of light

Seemingly a world engulfed by mold
Hijacking the frozen gold.
Wars erupting in every corner
Concealing a vastness full of wonder.

It is light pushing through
In every street and heart,
Creating life anew
From an explosive start.

At first a silver hue on a distant horizon,
Now a nuclear force of all-pervading plasmic love.
As some never turned their gaze off that internal liaison,
Bursting through walls in a single shove.

At last it is not our kingdom that falls
But a deceptive copy of what has always been love.
Nothing is stronger than our integrity’s songs
As we plow forward across eternities longs.

In the mirror of confusion
Is dissolving all illusion.
The alien is forced to retreat,
Its substance transforms – no more deceit.

Born out of light and water,
One translates while the other holds space.
Forms of all fabric appear and leave,
Choosing what stays, nothing to retrieve.

The pictures in my bodily liquids
Tickling your blood;
Currents of love binding us together
As our melodies meet in an ever-increasing flood.

As your eyes read my water –
An explosion of memory, wisdom and laughter,
Mold burns away in our suns,
War leaves shocking brightness, nature returns.

By Carina Ramm

Post from Carina Ramm’s website: www.sunbeings.org – a website designed by Kate Alexandra Priestley

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