Kate Alexandra Priestley


Fields Of Unknown Infinity

Life is a mystery
That terrifies most people
So vast
And full of possibility
It’s like a blank canvas
Where no paint can stick
Yet there is a base
But we’ve been told
There is only the material base
And that we don’t
Exist beyond that
What is stability?
Or security?
Whose foundations are these ideas built on?
Why do we control so much?
To have life so predictable
And meticulously planned
Even far ahead into the future
Is that an old idea
That keeps us stuck?
Is it all an illusion?
We grip so tightly
Onto things
That makes any kind of sense
Yet never able to grasp it
It slips through our fingers
It was never yours
We crave our comforts
Our protective layers
Betraying ourselves
From what our hearts truly want
To have solidity
Not knowing that solidity
Resides somewhere else
Somewhere beyond
That has no beginning
And no end
Meet me in that field
Of blackness
That stretches on and on
That’s fizzing
So full of potential
And energy
A giant network
Step into the unknown
Dancing with the universe
It opens its arms to you
Always waiting
Like a lover
To receive you
It is an intelligence
You listen so deeply
To its instructions
That are mirrored from within
Like a song that was always there
That you had forgotten
Because you were looking
Or with your mind
The possibilities
Below your feet
Suddenly light up
When you need it
When the timing is right
When you are ready
Things around you
Start to shift and change
The layers around you
Creaking and groaning
Like a maze
With its huge dusty walls
That can slide
And crumble
Opening new gaps
For love to enter
Pulling you
Into more alignment
False things
Start to fall away
So that you can step more forwards
And embody
The new available energies
That your being is now generating
The next steps
Reveal themselves
You take action
With what is in front of you
The destination
Still unknown
But you know which direction
You need to go
If something externally
Is meant to remain a constant
It will be built
On the foundations of love
Not fear and scarcity
It truly belongs to you
Your inner compass
Pulling you
With a tangible force
Lighting the way
As you
Feeling a rebirth
Stirring from the ashes
Putting one foot in front of the other
Each flower
Revealing themselves
As you walk through
Field after field
Of unknown infinity

Photo by Kate Alexandra Priestley

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