Kate Alexandra Priestley


A Love So Big

Inside I feel a love that is so big
I can feel a deep pain along with that
Yet there is a huge beauty
Both bring tears to my eyes
I see the shadows
The insanity of humanity
It can be right there in my face
That I cannot ignore it
Even the ‘good’ people
Can succumb to this insanity
To their own darknesses
This can look very bleak
As though there is no hope
As even the ‘good’ ones can get ‘taken’
I watch it all
Self referencing and reflecting
As what is devoid of love
Rears it’s head
Although the contradiction is that it is still of love
As these things need to come out
To be brought to the surface
The next step is transmuting it
So the same old patterns don’t keep coming back
It is also of love
Because it comes out from the deep frustrations of humanity
The need for some kind of peace
Some harmony
More love
To get away from the constant attacks of the powers that be
Causing you to identify with what is not love
To put you in a very low state
You are much more than what they can throw at you
You are so worthy
As the shadows come out
I watch it all play out
Seeing how so many different realities are happening right now
Each different inside everyone’s head
That causes a clash with others realities
The other thinking the other insane
As we have different priorities and standards
So many distortions
So much divorcing from the actual reality
If there even is one
How on Earth is humanity supposed to heal?
If we can’t agree on how to be
I feel a love so big and pure
It is so full of innocence
It is strong
Yet there is a real sensitivity to it
As when the love feels a rejection by a force
It wonders how can that other person not feel love?
How can they reject love?
How can they be so blind?
Is that the reality they want to stay in?
To be allergic to giving or receiving love?
To have succumbed to their ego
To their stories
That are not true
This love’s gaze stares it’s force through it all
Feeling the love getting bigger and bigger
A deep compassion for humanity rising
As there is a deep pain within us all
Wanting to find its resolution
We must come back to this love
As this is the most powerful force
The biggest force of change
The force that enables us to see through our blocks
Our differences and opinions
Ours and others suffering
That helps us understand
To light something up inside each one of us
That shines so brightly
As everything gets dismantled
So we can return to our true nature
That is love

Painting created by Kate Alexandra Priestley
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