Kate Alexandra Priestley


Pure Light

There is a light that is pure
So bright
Yet a light so ruthless
It shines maybe where you don’t want it to shine
It brings out the darkness
For suddenly the darkness is seen
This is no airy fairy ‘love and light’ matter
For most are often afraid to even go there
Even by those who think they’ve already been there
Still there is a childlike innocence to the light
It is simple
But can break through the complexities
It is there always waiting
A real pristine purity
Yet it burns
It penetrates
It sees
Because it’s own purity
Sees even more what is not pure
It feels deeply
It has landed on this planet
A gift for these times
Coming from a place
Where there are no disastrous patterns
Where there is much more harmony
We are not so immersed
In our slave-like selves
Trying to survive
Turning against each other
Caught up in our habits
Our negative mind conditionings
We are much more advanced
No negative technology infiltrations
All is well
It is a sea of beauty
Of deep connection
To ourselves and the universe
To the land dwellings
Of grand landscapes
It is actually all here too on this Earth
It can be experienced here right now
The light is trying to show you
Yet also the light must face
The challenges that comes with being human
To burst the bubble
To learn to navigate
And face the ugliness
However hard and uncomfortable it can be
However silly it can even feel
For having to deal with these things in the first place
Because it is very simple
We get in the way of our own selves
We put our power out far too much
To negative controllers out there
And the negative controllers inside
Where you are being tricked
Taking you away from love
Collapse it all
It’s only true when you feed it
You can loosen its hold
Let it go
Just see
What do you fear to see?
What do you fear to feel?
When you look deep inside yourselves?
Being truly honest with yourselves?
There is a presence of love
That holds you safely in an embrace
As you look with fresh clear eyes
What was lurking down there
Let it be squeezed out
Discharged and transmuted
Bringing up what squirms like a parasite
As it tries to keep hidden
Maybe even getting more vicious
It is being sent on its way
It will get taken care of
Light creates pressure
Filling up that habited space
That’s taken by another force
Forcing out what shouldn’t be there
Light is like a substance
Not able to be defined
By our current scientific or spiritual understandings of it
Although it is hot
It is quick
It reaches places
But when the timing is right
Without any calculating
Just following its own signals
It gets even quicker
It cannot be blocked
It zones in
It will find a way
No distance is too great for it
It achieves the impossible
Defying physics
Keeping burning through
Nothing standing in the way
Disintegrating what doesn’t belong
You become more solid
Like a diamond
Less penetrable
By negative forces
On the inside and outside
Simultaneously you also soften inside
As you relax into your own being
Where it is fully safe
You are more attuned to humanity too
Feeling connected with others
Woken up to your own intelligence
Moving through life
With more laughter and joy
With freedom
A lightness
A beauty
And of more love

Image created by Kate Alexandra Priestley

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