Kate Alexandra Priestley



Back into the infinity
Recharging myself
In the silence
My cup filling back up
So I can pour better
Coming from my source
My creativity coming more back online
The ideas seeping back in
The infinity making itself known
Coming from that mysterious place
Where there’s a deep hum
The spark of creativity
It’s where it all begins
That seeds potential
Growing and becoming new realities
New possibilities
Use it wisely
My body resting
Freeing itself of its work
Sinking deeper
Back into the abyss
Muscles relaxing
A feeling of calm
Breathing ‘ahh’
My mind letting go
No more demands
No more talking
Letting go of time
Taking care of itself
It knows what it needs
Going back into that space
This space just solely for me
And no one else
Where new things begin to materialise itself
Coming from my soul
My field clearing
No more frequencies pulling at me
I am more clear and sure
My energy feels more expanded now
After resting
I feel ready to face the world
Newer and fresher
With beautiful new seeds to plant

Illustration created by Kate Alexandra Priestley

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