Kate Alexandra Priestley


‘Seeing’ Better

What does it mean to ‘see’ better?
It is seeing beyond the 3D world
Getting more into the realm of energy dynamics, emotions and frequencies
To see the roots
Where what you are feeling or acting out from is not you
But an infiltration
There is another world we can’t see
A dimension of the invisible
The ancients know of this dimension
Many of todays people know of this too
From indigenous tribes to ordinary people who have come across this realm
Stories and teachings are passed down
Evidence is captured in old artefacts or structures
Yet people don’t want to see
For it feels too far removed from this AI world we currently live in right now
The mundane material reality
We have also been so far removed from our ‘inner eye’
The eye that sees beyond the minds conditionings and infiltrations
We have another set of senses
Senses that are present throughout our bodies
They are present on different layers
Physical, mental, emotional and spiritual
We must remove the smog that covers these senses
For we have purposefully been dumbed down and desensitised
Our heads overly foggy
Our bodies cut off from its innate wisdom
Our inner eye really truly has become boss-eyed
Lost in an array of confusion
Making decisions that harm us, other people and the planet
Thinking somehow humans are making progress
Not really knowing our true history that has been hidden
There is another more negative eye present in this world
Often used by the darker powers that be
It often goes undetected yet it is there easily spotted if you recognise it
Along with the other symbols often associated with it
The eye is right there on the one dollar bill
This is the eye that’s been infiltrated
The meaning made negative
We must come back to our true eye
So that we can clearly see
And not just see what the others want us to see
There are now frequencies present on this Earth
To help us bring back to our true source
The source within us
The source that holds our instructions
The new energies correct what is out of alignment
It burns through the shadows and everything that doesn’t belong
Although things may seem worse for a while
As the forces that don’t belong try clinging on tighter
Kicking up an even bigger shitshow
Everyone is sent on their own course of correction
Nature decides what happens to them
Some may be too stuck and never break free
Some whether quickly or slowly do start shaking off those shackles
Our paths are different to one another
It is like a split in timelines
We get sent down the paths of different worlds
Different possibilities
The process requires a lot of patience
Especially for those that have already woken up
Ready for a better world
It seems so obvious to them
The corruption and slavery they were born into
No more!
Their eyes now wide open
This is a world that’s been stolen from us
Implanted and imprinted with all sorts of negative frequencies and images
Frequencies that belong to something not of this world
We must bring Earth back to the way of nature
To align humans back to the way of nature
As our confused haze dissipates
The knots in our mind untangling themselves
Our senses coming back online
Our bodies becoming more alive
The spark within burning brighter
Our hearts opening
Realising our interconnectedness
Our true essences shining through
Our minds becoming more pristine and clear
We can see better now
We can see everything with much fresher clearer eyes
The wisdom flowing through us
The electricity running through our circuits much more smoothly
It’s like this ‘you’ was there all along
And it has been
It is not something you just ‘add’ to a human being
Because it is already our true natural state
To see the changes in the world
It is an inside out job
As from that deep place
Where the beautiful intelligence has come online
We can make the best decisions for humanity and the planet

Illustration created by Kate Alexandra Priestley

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