Kate Alexandra Priestley


Waters Of Glastonbury Tor

This is a painting of the Glastonbury Tor I did. It came to me that I wanted to do a painting of the Tor and had a strong urge to sit up there to see if it might bring any inspiration for the painting. I wasn’t really expecting much or attached to anything as didn’t want to project anything that came from the mind instead of my source. Just thought I’d follow the urge as an experiment. At some point being sat up there (and being battered as it was so windy being high up!) it came very fleetingly but clearly seeing the water at the bottom of the Tor in my painting. So was like yep this is good I’ll follow that. I have heard about connections with water and the Tor before although I don’t know very much about it. So was intriguing this was what came up for me.

Painting created by Kate Alexandra Priestley

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