Kate Alexandra Priestley


The Wise Old Lady In The Rocking Chair

Feel yourself in the future
Old and wise sat in your rocking chair
Possibly your higher self except this person is actually also you here embodied now
You’ve lived your life
You’ve seen a lot
You’ve lived, laughed, loved and cried
You have worked with the silly man made restrictions of systems and time
The illusions people create
How you got caught up in it all
Believing it all to be you
That there is only one reality
And only one way of responding to everything
That you in the future has done it all
Now sitting calmly in the rocking chair
Looking at those before you
Running around confused and bewildered
Identifying with their thoughts and the world dramas
You laugh at them
You look back at the absurdity of it all
And think ‘fuck it’ and laugh
You are here on that rocking chair in timelessness
No stresses and pressures
In simplicity
No getting caught up in the mind
In touch with an aspect of yourself beyond measure
Gently rocking back and forth
Smiling to yourself
Happy with just being
Sitting in harmony amongst nature
That is content with just being too
Just taking what it needs
You’re not doing things just because someone tells you to
You are at peace with yourself
With the world
With others
You have let go
No attachments
Just here being you
As people will see that and realise
“Wow this person is so content
I feel that loving beingness
Just feeling that from this person
Makes me feel it in myself
So it must already be here within myself”
And something shifts inside of them
As though a seed that was already there has been nurtured
That old lady in the rocking chair smiles
Beaming out her love
Free and full of humour
Young at heart
Her light shines on you
Just as the sun appears everyday for you
So when something comes up for you
Ask what this future you relaxed in a rocking chair would say or do

Painting created by Kate Alexandra Priestley

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