Kate Alexandra Priestley


Mastery Of The Underworld

Unseen forces
Pulling you in all directions
Other peoples underworlds
Pulling on your underworld
A world controlled by the underworld
But they remain hidden
Or purposely being used
For their own negative agendas
Infiltrating peoples minds
The underworld plays on your weaknesses
Your desires
Finding where it can get in
It tricks you
Because it needs you
In order to survive
Or it is seeking your light
To find its own resolution
The underworld pulls and sucks
You feel yourself splitting in all directions
In reality you wonder why you feel like this
Why you feel out of control
Because it is not you
But another force
When the underworld does reveal itself
You are of ‘no mind’
Fear does not catch up with you
You follow your instincts
You know what to do
Break out of their paralysing affects
A powerful burst of a force
Of pure love
Coming out in ripples
Or it may feel like anger
You command this realm
To not mess with you
To send them on their way
You are stronger than them
Your love is more powerful
Than their darkest of darknesses
A ghostly scarab beetle
Floating in front of your eyes
You know you’ve been travelling
Through that realm
That’s where they come from
Afterwards after mastering
You may feel a rebirth
And maybe a process too
As your field shifts and changes
Your boundaries get stronger
No more of this control
That world must collapse
To send those suffering in that parallel reality
Back onto their path of dissolution
The physical world is tidied up
Our minds are free-er
Our fields more intact
We no longer feed this other realm
No more death energy
Turning us into zombies
We are alive
And awake
Fully in this world

Image created by Kate Alexandra Priestley

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