Kate Alexandra Priestley


Nature Frequency Flow Description

The painting is inspired by my love for dance, the spiritual, and nature. When out in nature I feel a sense of peace and a reconnection with myself. I feel refreshed. My energy field is cleaner and clearer after spending time in it. I love nature during the night. It feels like it gives off a different kind of energy during that time that feels a bit of a mystery.

The being in the painting is done in a style that was inspired by tribal African art, which can often depict people with no faces. There’s something about not using faces as it adds an ethereal look. I gave the female a celestial appearance, as there are other worldly beings that exist. Humanity has connections with them much more than they realize. In a way this is me combining the earth and the celestial into one painting, which enhances the magic.

Patterns often have a way of finding themselves into my work. For me they feel energetic and these ones provide an immediate association with our roots in nature as they are quite tribal.

The message in here is that we are one with nature. Humans have become separated from it. This has been one of our biggest downfalls. Life can be so amazingly beautiful if we reconnected with the magic of nature and it’s cycles. It would give us a new appreciation for life and this planet. Then this could become the glorious existence if only we could just see it. Nature gives off the frequencies that are nourishing for our soul, which is good for our spiritual, physical and emotional bodies.

Dancing is another form of art I love which is spontaneous and intuitive. I let the energy move through me. It is all about the flow. Breaking you out of your barriers and getting you to reconnect with your soul through the physical body. Like nature, we have become disconnected from the intelligence of our physical bodies and our intuition. So worth listening to for us to live a greater life and unlock our latent abilities.

Here I have married nature and dance together to show that both are one. The being is strongly connected to her intuition and physical body. She feels the frequencies of nature flowing through her. Expressing it through dancing. The moon is another component in nature that influences us in many ways we cannot imagine. The female is celebrating the fullness of the moon and letting it do its work by surrendering to its intelligence.

Written in October 2019 by request of the buyer of the painting

Painting created by Kate Alexandra Priestley
Print version available in store:

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