Kate Alexandra Priestley


Divine Masculine Codes Description

This is a painting that is a masculine counterpart to the feminine one, ‘Nature Frequency Flow’. The colours and setting I used are very different. The feminine painting is deep blue, set at nighttime and had a moon, which combined represents water and the emotions. The masculine one is a bright orange and red, set at daytime and has the sun, which represents fire and action.

‘Divine Masculine Codes’ is piercing in its masculine intensity. It is penetrating which is the drive and action. The feminine is typically the receiver of love… it is what she craves and searches for whilst the masculine seeks purpose and direction. That is not to say that males and females are defined like this. We are talking energetic traits. We can have a woman who is more dominant in masculine type energies and vice versa. Or we have bits of both in varying quantities. Some seek a balance in both.

So in the masculine painting you see the male looking out purposefully across what looks like a harsh dessert. A man embodied in his masculinity likes challenge. Something that makes him feel his edge. You sense the harsh heat of the painting with the bright, large sun and the intense yellow, orange and red colours. These are very yang associations. The masculine energy feels lost if it does not feel a sense of purpose. He feels most gratified to have a goal he can work towards and a duty he can fulfill. He does not like distractions that take him away from his core purpose. When the masculine feels true to his core then he is able to give his gifts to the feminine more easily- and the feminine can surrender more easily too… breaking her barriers to love as she trusts in his masculine essence. Then the masculine is more able to receive the depths of the feminine gifts.

The tribal patterns are bolder and systematic looking compared to the feminine painting as the masculine is more drawn to order and systems and the feminine is more drawn to chaos that she can flow with. You see the male version is more rigid yet powerful and sure in his stance and the female version more open and flowing as she dances with the divine.

I decided to have the male in this painting dressed in Egyptian type clothing, which is a reference to the ancient civilizations that have lived in the past… whatever their true history may be. His clothing indicates his power and authority, which ties in with the masculine energy.

He is carrying a staff too as a symbol of action and also power… but this is a tool for connecting with his divine abilities hence you see the purple crystal sitting atop of it that is amethyst. Amethysts are associated with the third eye, which gives deep insight and intuition. I wanted to include this crystal in this painting as a reference to our abilities that have been long forgotten. In a way one of the highest purposes is for the masculine to seek union with the divine feminine again. We have become so locked in the physical and logic and are no longer able to perceive energies and gain deep insights into ourselves and the universe. The world would be a very different place if we were able to unite the masculine and the feminine energies again. To tap into our super human abilities and discover the love that we are.

Written by request by the commissioner of the painting

Painting created by Kate Alexandra Priestley

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