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What Is Energy?

Energy is a mysterious substance that permeates through everything down to the tiniest particles in the entire universe. We are all made up of energy. Energy is what defines our lives. It makes up who we are. It shapes our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies. The root of everything is energy.

Frequency is the information the energy gives off. We don’t need special instruments to measure frequencies when it comes to the matters of energy. We are the instruments. It is a natural mechanism that we all carry. But we can be blocked from our ability to tune into frequencies. Most people are so blocked that the very idea of it seems irrational… even crazy.

Our source connections are the guiding force behind energy and our ability to feel its frequencies. It is the love that made our existence possible. As far back as before we came onto this earth our souls decide what it is we will experience on this earth plane. In this moment in time, it is often people will never wake up to this ability inside themselves. If they did it may be too much for them to handle as it threatens their idea of reality that they thought they knew all their lives. Their outlook on their world may collapse on them too much. Or maybe they do get a rude awakening, enjoy it or be taken on a more rapid ride.

So it is with fine tuning that if the person is ready for the experience of waking up to themselves and the world then their source connection will make that happen. Sometimes it isn’t pretty as, currently, it can be a lonely process and you see the shadows of this world a lot. If you speak about it people may often challenge you or think you’ve gone off your rocker because it is one of those things that you must feel to understand. They may try stop you from trying to listen to yourself… say we have no control in our reality… but as you become more solid in what you know nothing can deter you. But with waking up to yourself life becomes so much more colourful and abundant… the potential for the world you feel and see becomes a driving force, a hope, of what could be. Even if you don’t get to experience this much more positive world in this lifetime this is at least for future generations or for the lives you touch around you. Also, as you shed what is not you, you feel yourself more fully and feel more alive. That is you coming online in its rightful place. It was always there. Just that you had to break through those layers around you that are false. At a soul level knowing you may feel it is your mission to embody your truest self and show others what can be possible.

People, whether they are aware of it or not, can feel your energy. Sometimes they are drawn to it like a moth to a light. Or sometimes it triggers them so much as it threatens their model of reality or brings up their own internal wounds. Or maybe there is just simply no resonance but it doesn’t have to be personal. Even sometimes you can be the one making mistakes but if you see them as lessons to learn from… the patterns that led to them can be transmuted. You are still human afterall navigating this earth plane with eons of patterns, conditionings and energies to break from. Sometimes we are drawn to other people because, on a soul level knowing, we have a lot to learn from each other and to transmute. Even then, if we are not aware enough, we may get stuck in the same cycles of suffering and pain. This can be because we have not become awake to our own patterns or are too fearful to break out of them because it means shedding an identity that you have known your whole life. Without this identity who are you anymore? It may feel like an large abyss but what is waiting there is you. You were there all along.

Many people in todays world make decisions from their mind and trying to use logic and reasoning. Often their decisions are coming from a place that is not them because it has been shaped by a lifetime of conditioning from families, society, media, the government and education. Their decisions may be coming from a lifetime of wounding. When you switch into another mode of making decisions based on the internal body signals and the source connection that is there pulsing through you, your decisions take on a whole new level. They start coming from a place of more love. There is a freedom and expansiveness to it. Even an excitement as it’s what lights your soul up. Or maybe you need to make decisions that protect your energy but even that is an act of loving and respecting your souls true needs. Sometimes it might mean letting other people down. But energy doesn’t lie even if others may not understand. Your soul is obeying the frequencies it can feel in order to make a decision that is most aligned with it. It can be a strong feeling that is hard to ignore or shut down. Your source connection is trying to push through a message that you may be trying not to acknowledge until it presents itself again and again then all the masks fall away. There is a real strength to honouring what it is you truly feel on energetic levels. As time goes on, as hopefully more people become aware of these mechanisms inside each of us, it will get even easier as our decisions will also get respected by others as there is an understanding in each of us that we must honour our own truths.

Often people don’t realise they are perceiving the world through conditioning. There is also another realm too called the astral realm that can be at play that, at the moment, only a gifted few can safely navigate. When we can break through the layers around us that desensitise us to ourselves and our abilities to perceive energies we then can start perceiving the world on frequency levels. From there we can make even better decisions for ourselves, humanity and the planet. Energies present the true nature of what’s going on. It can be subtle… it can be felt and even seen… or it can be so obvious. It is a gift we all have that is our birthright to access. If something has positive energy you feel it. If something has negative energy you feel it. So it is a super useful tool in the wiring of our body in order to make decisions. The more people that can be aware of this the less harmful energies there will be because people will know how to make the choices to feel good and make their lives most fulfilling. Also solutions have a way of presenting themselves more easily when you operate at this level. You have tapped more into universal energies as well as your own source connection and there becomes a direct open communication that is no longer foggy and enshrouded.

So the best thing that people can do for ourselves and the planet is to start tuning into frequency levels. That’s where the root of true information is.

Image created by Kate Alexandra Priestley

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