Kate Alexandra Priestley


Times Are Changing

This is the real deal. There is no time for nonsense. No time for fancies or plays of the mind feeding into false set ups in our beings. The world is changing. Humanity is changing. The controllers are afraid. That’s why they are getting more controlling. Feeding stories to get those who don’t have their wits about them to comply. Applying more fear but you must say no and stand your ground. Do not feed those parasites as they want your life force in order to survive. They cannot stand your brightness. They want to keep the world in the dark. You must open your eyes and let the light within see. Do not see with the images and stories that have been planted in you. They are not yours and never belonged to you. You gave consent for them to take hold in you. Now you must say ‘no more.’ Answer instead to the infinity that’s within. The brightness of your being that’s always there and always permanent. We have just forgotten how to access it.

Times are changing whether you like it or not. Your frequency has chosen. You are dreaming a better world into being without realising. The rest of reality is answering the call of your dream. You know what it is you want. You’ll wake up to all that nonsense you’ve been living before and wonder what on earth you have been doing. You realise it is time to answer to something else. What you were answering to before was not you as those were not your instructions. Now you must answer to your own inner instructions. They will reveal themselves bit by bit.

We’ll start to recognise what is external to us by frequency. Not by the mind. Sometimes something may appear good on the surface but it’s what’s below the surface that counts. That’s where the real information lies. Soon we’ll be able to feel this stuff and let it be our guide. We get directed down certain pathways. The instructions to go down a certain way will get stronger and stronger as we come more online.

With these changes things will fall away. The world will not look the same again. People are waking up as it’s the time to wake up from our slumber. The systems will collapse and there will be no room for anything that is false or harmful to humanity and this planet. Every corner of existence you can think of will be cleaned and swept out. It may feel painful as protective layers and old comforts start to fall away. They were just cushioning you from seeing yourself and the world for what it truly is. As you strip back those layers you will find gold inside. It’s so worth it. You will feel so much more alive. Infinity becomes not a daunting prospect but a beautiful prospect.

Photo by Kate Alexandra Priestley

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