Kate Alexandra Priestley


Does Your Frequency Choose?

Yes your frequency does choose. While we can make conscious decisions from the mind ultimately it is our frequency that chooses the outcome.

Some people are just never going to be on the path to liberation of our true human potential. Some are just simply not born here to do that. They will remain ‘stuck.’ They may go down their own pathway while the rest of us looks on possibly shaking our heads with disbelief and despair at how humanity can be so stupid and why our loved ones have to fall for all the bullshit. Our own paths seem completely invisible to those on the path of humanities self destruction. It’s like they just find it impossible to see. There is no understanding or comprehension and they’ve become a wall you can’t penetrate. Like this whole other reality just simply doesn’t exist for them nor do they seem to want to try to entertain it. They prefer to cling onto the old things… the stories and images implanted in their psyches by the government, media and other influences that reach much further than we can possibly imagine. They prefer comfort, safety and security over what real truth is. They like to be told what’s what instead of listening to themselves on deeper levels. It’s like their frequency has chosen and nothing can shift that. They may forever live life in an oblivious dream state. They will get all the life (and beyond) experiences that come with that choice.

But also just because you’re ‘awake’ to what’s going on also doesn’t mean you are necessarily without patterns or other influences. You can still get ‘taken’ by certain forces. In fact it can seem like the more awake ones can have severe issues going on. It’s almost like they become targets by the unseen. Or they may have experienced so much of the pain of the patterns they carry they know deeply that something in the world must change. So while you may be ‘awake’ your frequency still chooses what happens to you in life.

Yet these experiences can still be your teacher. A mirror to show you. In fact you may seem to get even more challenging experiences than others. Because you are ready to go up another level and transmute this old stuff that may be coming up to be released. On the other hand the experiences may keep coming back again and again because you still haven’t integrated something or haven’t been willing to look at parts of yourself.

Internally, on very deep levels, you may decide that your frequency must choose better and things start to rearrange around that. Especially if you decide that some patterns really do need to drop away from you in order to stop attracting the same old things to yourself that you don’t want. Knowing that change is possible. Being truly honest with oneself is a major step. To admit, in a loving way, what your patterns or issues may be. It’s a brave step to make for many people it seems! Often they don’t want to see themselves as though something inside of them recoils… an unseen influence that shouldn’t be there. That’s not to give your power out to it though. Seeing it is a great first step. Then handing it back into the infinity of you where it may get transmuted by some other means that’s made of love. And also being able to take action and make the practical changes wherever possible. Maybe that naturally comes anyway as your inner instructions come online.

It’s a journey. You may not always gets things right or it seems like things take forever to shift. You wonder if things will ever change. Or maybe you do start seeing the changes happening. You also may have no idea of the destination. But you are doing far more than most other people on this planet. See it as a honour that your frequency has even chosen this path. Sometimes the best advice really can be to just keep going with it all and do your best with what you have.

Photo by Kate Alexandra Priestley

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