Kate Alexandra Priestley


The Touch Of Love

Love is a force that is raw and dynamic
It obeys its own nature
It is not always about feeling bliss
It pervades all feelings
Including uncomfortable ones
It is there always
Even in the darkest of places
You don’t need to intentionally send love
Just be the embodiment of love
As that sends out a frequency
Love burns up the impurities
Rights what is out of alignment and what causes harm
Although the shadows can come up
As love ruthlessly makes it burning path to dislodge old energies
Old things you have been running from waiting to be faced
These are things just leaving
You don’t need to do anything
The fact you see it is setting it on its path of dissolution
The shining awareness of love
Or if identified with the shadows they just need to have their temper tantrums
And you navigate the best you can even if caught up in the lie
Until finally you see
Suddenly it’s like what was a lie just dropped away
After that any actions from there is from the purity of self
Spontaneous and coming from within
Not from the minds idea of love
Or false love
Naturally from there you start taking responsibility from the right place
The source within you
You are more accountable for yourself
Feeling truer to yourself
Your own signature
Feeling more free
And not so clouded by old patterns
Or old or new controlling energies
Whether it’s from people, society or negative past experiences
Or even things that cannot always be seen
The touch of love is powerful in itself
For no dark can stand it
It is even touched by it
And goes on its own path of being corrected
As love, without hesitation, sears its way through

Painting created by Kate Alexandra Priestley

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